Wednesday, October 7, 2015

San Pedro Martir

                                                     Sea Lions at San Pedro Martir

           We saw two of the largest sea lion colonies in the Sea of Cortez on our charter.
The craggy rock faces of the islets at San Pedro Martir are home to many sea lions and many varieties of birds and crustaceans . The shadowed grottos and cathedral like cave indentations provide shelter and shade for the animals living at the edge of the water.

    Once below the surface , divers were greeted by friendly beautiful sea lions gliding effortlessly among the boulders on the sea floor. The seals frolicked in the surging shallows at the water line.
 The animals pirouetted and spun in an aquatic ballet that was mesmerizing .

  If you observed quietly they floated toward you, eyeing cameras and lights, and posing like the most elegant doe-eyed models strolling a Parisian runway. The seals floated on their backs kissing their reflections on the shimmering surface.

                                                                   Peering upwards one could see the towering rocks above the shallows. The colors of the sea lions skin are echoed by those of the stones:dark umber, golden tawny blonde, gray like a storm cloud, black as ink.

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