Monday, March 30, 2009

Bonaire March 2009

Bonaire is a small banana shaped island in the ABC group ( Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) 50 miles off the coast of Venezuela. Accessed by a red eye flight via Houston, it is a tranquil place to make a quick warm water dive excursion. I dove without my camera for a change, and really enjoyed just floating in the swimming pool-like marine sanctuary. The weather was quite windy, and the water felt unseasonably cold( 77*-78*) I was uncomfortable in my 1 mm skin.
We spent time on Klein Bonaire which is an islet sheltered on the leeward side of Bonaire and home to some of the better populated and more pristine dive sites. South Bay, my favorite, was covered with elegant fronded soft corals , octopus, turtles , and two species of frog fish I had never seen.
Going home after a week made me yearn for the warm jungles and waters of Northern Sulawesi where I will return for 3 weeks this summer.