Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Midriff Islands , Sea of Cortez, September 2015

    07:00hrs   September 20, 2015

 Angel de la Guarda      Site: El Nido
 1 hour                  depth: 74 feet

         A wildly clanging bell awoke me after a rough night's crossing from Puerto Penasco at the northern tip of the Sea of Cortez.
         As I prepared for my first dive in over three years, I thought it appropriate to take the plunge in "Guardian Angel Bay."

     The air was sultry and gray skies dimmed the reflection on dark green water.
Nineteen divers scrambled to the bottom stirring sediment. On the bottom barely visible, tiny blue spotted jawfish peered timidly from their burrows in the sand. They emerged showing bi-color slender bodies , but vanished in a split second at the sight of an approaching camera.

   The rocks rising from the seabed were home to many large camouflaged scorpion fish, called stone fish by the locals, as well as timid and playful octopi.
  Small gray stingrays darted across the sand.
 The water temperature was bath tub warm at 84 degrees, and I drifted along beginning to wake up and enjoy a underwater vista I had not seen in years. The visibility was poor and there was a dull green cast to the sea.
  One had to be careful where to touch down for any contact to steady the camera ( which is why I dive with a pointer).

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