Monday, December 30, 2013


           He barely grazed me head on, and I backed up while he still swam toward me , then glided past.
I could not swim quickly enough to keep abreast of him.
 Trailing beneath his belly were several remoras . He was blue gray with lovely spotted skin and a wide pale gray face.He looked serenely ahead and swam past the island. I hope I will meet him again before we leave for Anilao.
  On an afternoon macro dive we saw another example of a trashed reef, decimated by storms or dynamite fishing, or divers, who knows?
 I saw some favorite critters, like a hairy squat lobster with a thick tuft or pale orchid hair.
Banded pipe fish swam in pairs and jousted with the dive guide. A furry orange orangutan crab clung to a cluster of bubble coral .
  Minuscule white crinoid shrimp were were barely discernible in the murky dark water. Turtles abounded with remoras aboard, and then soared off into the blue.

                   Aniloa , Land of Frogfish and all Creatures Small and Exotic.       June 9-17 , 2012

      Hairy orange frogfish, small pink frogfish, giant lavender frogfish, HUGE black frogfish with white
 scalloped toes!

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